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Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols To Play Shooters Sports Pub Near The Casino At Ocean Downs During Delmarva Bike Week


Sean K. Preston doesn’t get gussied up for the show…he wears his cowboy hat, dirty jeans and shitkicker boots everyday. If it sounds like he sings about hard luck, lost love, long journeys, dark secrets, damnation and redemption like he’s lived through them…it’s because he damn well has.

He’s quick with the wise cracks between songs while gulping down whiskey and bantering with the audience…but when the next song starts you better believe he’ll be sweating blood to deliver the best performance. It’s Blues- Punk -Country, Rock’n'Roll….Amen

Check out additional info, Video & Music at:

Casino At Ocean Downs Owner Says No Plans To Offer Free Booze, Food

4/27/2012 | By News Editor, Shawn J. Soper

SNOW HILL — Fears of an expanded presence at the Casino at Ocean Downs, including new developments on the site and a relaxation of the restrictions of food and drink giveaways, were allayed somewhat this week after red flags were raised earlier this winter.

Worcester County’s Local Development Council (LDC), which oversees issues related to the Casino at Ocean Downs, met with casino officials, including owner William Rickman, Jr., this week to discuss language in a bill nearly passed by the General Assembly that would lift many of the restrictions on giveaways and new construction at the facility. The bill, which nearly came out of the House on the session’s last day, would have approved a referendum for an expansion to table games at Maryland’s existing and future casinos, as well as a sixth facility in Prince George’s County.

However, somewhat hidden in the bill was language that would have relaxed many of the restrictions put in place on the Berlin facility when slots were approved four years ago. Fearing competition with area businesses, local officials successfully added language to the original bill preventing a hotel, convention center and other amenities, along with free food and drink giveaways. However, the table games bill fiercely debated in the 2012 session would have relaxed some of those restrictions, causing heartburn for elected officials and business leaders in nearby Ocean City.

Rickman told the LDC Monday he and his staff were taken aback by the language in the bill governing restrictions at Ocean Downs as much as local officials were.

“This wasn’t our bill,” he said. “In terms of a hotel or a convention center or amusement park, we don’t want any of those things. We’re trying to find a way to make this more attractive without taking away from the local business community.”

LDC Chairman and Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said the resort community was concerned with the language in the proposed legislation that would have relaxed some of the restrictions and allowed for more amenities on the site including a hotel and convention center.

“There were concerns about the restrictions in place to protect private business,” he said. “The bill that would lift all of those restrictions to a large degree came up rather quickly. That’s why the red flag went up.”

However, Rickman said the Casino at Ocean Downs never really challenged many of the restrictions in place and encouraged LDC members to allay their fears.

“We’re trying to be proactive with you on this,” he said. “The reality is, there are certain restrictions we don’t disagree with. For example, we have no intention of building a hotel or a convention center and we don’t want to give away alcohol because we’re losing money. The actual play at the casino is about 50 percent less than what we projected.”

Rickman said for the most part, the casino had no intention of taking advantage of the relaxed restrictions, even if the bill had passed.

“I don’t think there is anything you need to worry about. We’re trying to be a good neighbor,” he said. “We all agree we want this to be a success. If we do well, then you do well and the state does well. We don’t want to be perceived as anything anybody has to worry about.”

Rickman said the casino would like an easing of the restrictions on an amusement park at Ocean Downs if only to accommodate an occasional pony ride or moon bounce at family friendly events at the track. He also said the casino would like to build better dining facilities, although there is no desire to have food giveaways or free buffets for patrons.

“We’re admittedly weak on food and beverage,” he said. “We don’t want to have free liquor because it’s not good for business. The misconception is we’re making so much money we can give away free food. We’re not in a position to give away free anything.”

Casino at Ocean Downs General Manager Joe Cavilla agreed the facility’s food service operation was lacking and told LDC members about some recent events it had to shop out.

“We’ve had two premium player events, but we had to have them offsite at the Captain’s Table and Ruth’s Chris because the bill doesn’t allow it,” said Cavilla. “We’d like to have a restaurant of that caliber to do those events. We’re not looking for a free buffet for the masses.”

Rickman said if a sixth casino was approved in Prince George’s County, it would likely get a portion of Ocean Downs’ allocation. The Casino at Ocean Downs is currently utilizing 800 of its 2,500 machines allocated and Rickman said as many as 1,500 of those could be shifted to the Prince George’s County facility.

“Nobody has to fear we’re going to get much bigger than we are,” he said. “With our location and the competition nearby, we want to have a little, boutique casino and I think that’s what we’ve already achieved.”

Meehan said the casino should continue down a recent path of working with the neighboring business community in terms of package deals and other partnerships.

“We always felt we have the infrastructure in place to support the casino,” said Meehan. “We have the hotels and the restaurants. Where once there was a disagreement if there should even be a casino, now we all have to work together to make it work. It is what it is.”

To that end, Rickman said all involved could get behind the proposed table games legislation if the language regarding some of the restrictions were taken out of the bill.

“I think we’re all in agreement if there was some different verbiage in the bill, we could reach some common ground,” he said. “We support the amendments as long as the restrictions in place don’t become more restrictive. Let’s face it, if this bill went to referendum, nobody would vote up or down because of what’s happening at Ocean Downs.”

Senator Jim Mathias said he was in favor of an expansion to table games at casinos in Maryland under certain conditions, but that he too was taken about by the language relaxing the restrictions at Ocean Downs.

“I said I would co-sponsor a table games bill, but I didn’t anticipate the Frankenstein bill,” he said. “When I saw some of what was in there, I had to walk away.”

OC officials, business owners worry about bill to lift casino restrictions

The Associated Press contributed to this report.  Sunday April 8, 2012

410-213-9442, ext. 14

On Twitter @scottmuskaDMG

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City officials and business owners have been worried for some time about the town’s future commercial success if certain state government-mandated restrictions are lifted from the Casino at Ocean Downs’ operating abilities.

A new bill that would allow table games in all of the state’s casinos also includes language that would do just that.

It’s been a foregone conclusion for many at the resort that cards and roulette would eventually become part of the Ocean Downs gambling arsenal. That issue is less of a focus currently for some than a wariness of stipulations included in the State and House bills that, if allowed, could sap some business from establishments across the Route 50 and Route 90 bridges, according to acting Tourism Director Donna Abbott.

The bill seeks to allow the casino to serve free food and drinks to patrons; to build a convention center, amusement park or other entertainment facility within 10 miles of the current structure; and to allow live music and other entertainment within the casino.

Those restrictions were put in the original bill allowing the building and opening of Ocean Downs to alleviate misgivings and help the bill get pushed through, according to Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan.

Ocean City Town Councilman Jim Hall said this is exactly what he and others thought was going to happen, that the casino would get built and then the limitations would start dropping down.

“This does pose a unique challenge to what Ocean City is gonna look like in the future,” said Councilman Joe Hall.

Doing away with the restrictions — especially the free food and drink prohibition — would be devastating to Ocean City tourism, according to The Greene Turtle owner Steve Pappas.

“I think at this point, being realistic, table games are going to move forward, and that comes as no surprise because we always knew it would be something Maryland would do to compete with other states moving forward with gambling,” Meehan said. “(The possibility of) lifting some of the restrictions that were specific to Ocean Downs, however, has caused me a lot of concern.”

If passed, the bill would go to a statewide voter referendum this fall.

Meehan doesn’t hold out much hope for table games to be shot down by voters, since it’s more of a big-picture bill — he thinks most people outside of the county won’t be aware of the lifting of restrictions, nor will they care too much.

“I doubt if anybody outside of maybe this local jurisdiction will base their decision to vote no because of things happening with Ocean Downs,” Meehan said. “We would be totally lost in that bill.”

The Senate approved the bill with a 35-11 vote late in March, from which Sen. Jim Mathias, D-38-Worcester, recused himself in light of a potential conflict of interest resulting from his employment with Royal Plus, a local company that has done work at the casino.

Pappas said Mathias’ lack of a vote puts Ocean City in a bad position. “He’s supposed to be our watchdog,” Pappas said.

Unfair advantage?

After the House recently heard testimony on the companion bill, Delegate Frank Turner, D-13-Howard, head of a subcommittee examining the proposal, said delegates will seek to make big changes to the bill and that he was concerned mainly with a portion of the bill that would increase the shares casino operators walk away with.

After the House recently heard testimony on the companion bill, Delegate Frank Turner, D-13-Howard, head of a subcommittee examining the proposal, said delegates will seek to make big changes to the bill and that he was concerned mainly with a portion of the bill that would increase the shares casino operators walk away with.

“We’re in the process of trying to redo or rewrite the Senate bill,” Turner said Friday afternoon. They won’t have much time. The General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn on Monday at midnight.

Delegates Mike McDermott, R-38B-Worcester, and Norman Conway, D-38B-Wicomico, have told Meehan they will work to address Ocean City’s concerns as changes are made. McDermott said as is, the bill likely doesn’t have the support it needs to pass, for many reasons.

The relationship between the Casino at Ocean Downs and Ocean City is only a couple years old, which isn’t enough time to see just how everything is going to work out, McDermott said. He thinks it’s premature to try and make changes to the existing restrictions; he and Meehan would like to see those restrictions stay in place if a bill on table games passes.

The proposed changes would give the casino an unfair operating advantage, since businesses in Ocean City can’t afford to let people have free food and drinks, McDermott said. “I mean, it’s ridiculous. When you start thinking of doing things like that, you start seeing reasons why those provisions were in (the original bill) to begin with,” he said.

The North Ocean City Business Alliance is 100 percent opposed to a loosening of the restrictions, said Pappas, a founding member. The alliance had a recent meeting in which about an hour of discussion took place on the topic, and the council members who attended, along with business owners, the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce and others, all expressed vehement opposition as well, Pappas said.

Meehan pointed out that in places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the majority of businesses are casinos, so there’s more room for competition if free dishes and booze are given out. Allowing it in this area, however, would give Ocean Downs a “distinct competitive edge over some of the small and well-established businesses” at the resort, he said. “There’s no way we can compete with that,” Pappas said.

There is a certain expectation from casino customers concerning the amenities that should be included when playing, Ocean Downs General Manager Joe Cavilla said, but he doesn’t anticipate Ocean Downs doing this in excess.

“Would you see our casino giving out mass quantities of free food or alcoholic drinks? I’d say no,” he said. “When you look at the business model , that’s not part of it.”

If table games become legal, the casino’s primary focus will be to expand its premises to accommodate that opportunity, Cavilla said, which he thinks would in turn bring additional business and tourists to the county.

At present, there are no plans for anything like a convention center, Cavilla said. The casino is looking into building a bowling alley and movie theater in the future, but there aren’t any plans in place for construction.

Meehan doesn’t want to give the impression that Ocean City is anti-casino, and he said the town wants to work with its operators to ensure mutual success.

Meehan looks at the resort as the infrastructure for the casino, with its abundance of lodging options, restaurants and other entertainment located so closely. There are, and likely will be, many opportunities for shared events or other partnering measures where the two entities can coax more visitors to the area.

“Our position is certainly not one of total opposition,” Meehan said. “We’re just working to make sure we can maintain the level of business we have.”

The casino uses certain facilities in town as a big part of its marketing program, Cavilla said, and he doesn’t see that changing. Ocean Downs’ website promotes a number of resort hotels, and it does some co-marketing with other entities.

“A big part of our marketing focus is working with local businesses,” Cavilla said.

Concern over the proposed striking out of some restrictions has resort officials and businesspeople worrying about what the future may hold, mainly that a restriction prohibiting the casino from building hotels nearby may be done away with.

Meehan said it was well-known that it wouldn’t take long for attempts to be made to quash the restrictions put in place to help the bill pass, and that Ocean City has been very guarded about the issue.

“Our concern is, once you start to remove those restrictions, where does that stop?” he said.

Delegate outlines House gambling plan for Casinos in Md

Written by Brian Witte

Associated Press  Saturday o7, 2012

 ANNAPOLIS — Table games like blackjack and roulette would be allowed in a new Prince George’s County gambling venue and at five casinos currently allowed in Maryland under a plan that’s being worked on in the House of Delegates, a subcommittee chairman said Friday.

Slots would not be allowed at the Prince George’s venue, however.

Delegate Frank Turner, a Howard County Democrat who outlined plans to a panel of lawmakers, said the proposal would allow casino operators to have 85 percent of the table game revenue. The state would get 15 percent at the five sites where casinos are currently allowed, and the money would go to education, Turner said.

At a Prince George’s site, the 15 percent would go to the county government. Money would also be set aside to help finance a Prince George’s hospital.

The plan is scaled back significantly from a bill that already has passed the Senate. That would allow slot machines as well as table games at a Prince George’s facility.

“We’re in the process of trying to redo or rewrite the Senate bill,” Turner said in an interview Friday afternoon.

They won’t have much time. The General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn on Monday at midnight. Even if lawmakers pass a bill to expand gambling, voters would still have to sign off on gambling expansion in a statewide referendum.

The House plan would allow the Prince George’s gambling venue to be within 1.5 miles of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, an area that would include National Harbor.

The facilities would have to pay a $1 million licensing fee for table games, Turner said, and the money would go to education.

Turner said the House plan does not include slot machines for Prince George’s because too much money under the Senate bill went to casino owners.

“It just gave too much,” Turner said. “I mean, the state got very little. The operators got a windfall, and the House is not willing to do that.”

Maryland law currently allows five casinos. Two have been built so far in Perryville and near Ocean City. A third is scheduled to open in Anne Arundel County this summer. Baltimore and Rocky Gap State Park are on track to have licenses awarded to bidders. Currently, they are only allowed to have video lottery terminals, which include slot machines and some computerized versions of table games.

Maryland Casinos Generate More Than $16 Million in Slots Revenue During March

The Maryland Lottery today announced revenue numbers for the state’s two casinos — Hollywood Casino Perryville in Cecil County and the Casino at Ocean Downs in Worcester County. March’s statewide revenue totaled $16,337,774.07.

Hollywood Casino Perryville generated $12,258,412.74 in March, and its gross gaming revenue per machine per day was $263.62 for the month. The Casino at Ocean Downs generated $4,079,361.33 in March, and its gross gaming revenue per machine per day was $164.49. A detailed breakdown of March’s fund disbursement, fiscal year-to-date totals for the individual casinos and the combined state total are as follows:

VLT Gaming Revenue – Total

  % March 2012 Calendar YTD 2012 Fiscal YTD 2012
Gross Terminal Revenue
100 $16,337,774.07 $44,336,409.64 $124,587,276.49
Education Trust Fund 48.5 $7,923,820.43 $21,503,158.68 $60,424,829.10
Casino Operators 33 $5,391,465.45 $14,631,015.22 $41,113,801.28
Purse Dedication 7 $1,143,644.18 $3,103,548.67 $8,721,109.35
Local Impact Grants 5.5 $898,577.57 $2,438,502.52 $6,852,300.19
Race Tracks Facility Renewal Account 2.5 $408,444.35 $1,108,410.25 $3,114,681.92
Maryland Lottery 2 $326,755.48 $886,728.15 $2,491,745.49
Small, Minority, and
Women-Owned Business
1.5 $245,066.61 $665,046.15 $1,868,809.16

VLT Gaming Revenue – Hollywood Casino Perryville

  % March 2012 Calendar YTD 2012 Fiscal YTD 2012
Gross Terminal Revenue
100 $12,258,412.74 $33,596,989.03 $89,320,845.35
Education Trust Fund 48.5 $5,945,330.18 $16,294,539.68 $43,320,610.00
Casino Operator 33 $4,045,276.20 $11,087,006.40 $29,475,878.98
Purse Dedication 7 $858,088.89 $2,351,789.23 $6,252,459.18
Local Impact Grants 5.5 $674,212.70 $1,847,834.39 $4,912,646.48
Race Tracks Facility Renewal Account 2.5 $306,460.32 $839,924.73 $2,233,021.13
Maryland Lottery 2 $245,168.26 $671,939.76 $1,786,416.90
Small, Minority, and
Women-Owned Business
1.5 $183,876.19 $503,954.84 $1,786,416.90

VLT Gaming Revenue – Casino at Ocean Downs

  % March 2012 Calendar YTD 2012 Fiscal YTD 2012
Gross Terminal Revenue
100 $4,079,361.33 $10,739,420.61 $35,266,431.14
Education Trust Fund 48.5 $1,978,490.25 $5,208,619.00 $17,104,219.10
Casino Operator 33 $1,346,189.25 $3,544,008.82 $11,637,922.30
Purse Dedication 7 $285,555.29 $751,759.44 $2,468,650.17
Local Impact Grants 5.5 $224,364.87 $590,668.13 $1,939,653.71
Race Tracks Facility Renewal Account 2.5 $101,984.03 $268,485.52 $881,660.79
Maryland Lottery 2 $81,587.22 $214,788.39 $705,328.59
Small, Minority, and
Women-Owned Business
1.5 $61,190.42 $161,091.31 $528,996.48

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Md. Senators give preliminary approval to gaming bill allowing table games at Casinos

Gambling bill gets preliminary Senate approval

10 hours 12 min ago
Examiner Staff Writer

State Senators gave preliminary approval Monday night to legislation that would expand gambling across the state of Maryland and allow a sixth casino site in Prince George’s County.

The gambling bill overhauls the slots revenue structure to create a more favorable environment for casino owners and legalizes table games, measures that make another casino – either at National Harbor or Rosecroft Raceway in Prince George’s – more amenable to casinos already in operation or set to open soon.

The bill must pass the Senate’s vote once more before crossing over to the House of Delegates.

Opponents argued that the bill as structured already sets in motion a path for a casino at National Harbor, not Rosecroft, and that a competitive bid process has been tainted by the political influence of Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker.

When Baker weighed in on the issue and provided a detailed study that claimed National Harbor is the best location for a casino in Prince George’s, the decision on the site was essentially made, according to Sen. C. Anthony Muse.

“It was supposed to have been a fair and open process,” said Muse, D-Prince George’s. “But I think the minute persons of authority weighed in with a study that has been done well in advance, moving this in the direction of one particular place, it’s left our citizens wondering how this deal was done and why.”

But an amendment introduced by the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Douglas J.J. Peters, ensures that the site of the casino could be at either location.

Slots licensees may now hold up to two licenses, which clears the way for Penn National Gaming to bid on a casino at Rosecroft Raceway, which the company purchased out of bankruptcy in 2011, while already owning Hollywood Casino at Perryville, one of two casinos now open in Maryland.

Sen. James Brochin, D-Baltimore County, opposed the amendment, arguing it would allow some casino operators to create monopolies in the state.

But had the multiple licensee amendment not passed, “it would effectively eliminate Rosecroft from competition,” said Sen. Edward Kasemeyer, D-Baltimore County.

While voting against the amendment, Muse dismissed the notion that a site had not already been chosen.

“We can say all we want that it’s not been awarded, but I beg to differ,” Muse said.



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Maryland Casinos Generate More Than $12 Million in Revenue During February

The Maryland Lottery today announced revenue numbers for the state’s two casinos — Hollywood Casino Perryville in Cecil County and the Casino at Ocean Downs in Worcester County.  February’s statewide revenue totaled $12,154,339.58, bringing the cumulative fiscal year total for both facilities to $50,503,333.04.

Hollywood Casino Perryville generated $9,021,412.73 in February bringing fiscal year-to-date revenue to $44,334,984.45 for the facility.  February’s gross gaming revenue per machine per day was $214.80, and the casino is averaging $190.69 in daily per machine gaming revenue since opening September 27, 2010. Casino at Ocean Downs generated $3,132,926.85 in February, bringing fiscal year-to-date revenue to $6,168,348.59. The gross gaming revenue per machine per day is $149.19 and the daily per machine gaming revenue average since Casino at Ocean Downs opened on January 4, 2011 is $146.86.

A detailed breakdown of February’s fund disbursement and fiscal year-to-date totals for the individual casinos and the combined state total are as follows:

Gross Gaming
Total February
Total FYTD
Hollywood Casino
February 2011
Hollywood Casino
Ocean Downs
February 2011
Ocean Downs
TOTAL 100 $12,154,339.58 $50,503,333.04 $9,021,412.73 $44,334,984.45 $3,132,926.85 $6,168,348.59
Education Trust Fund 48.5 $5,894,854.69 $24,494,116.51 $4,375,385.17 $21,502,467.45 $1,519,469.52 $2,991,649.06
Casino share 33 $4,010,932.06 $16,666,099.91 $2,977,066.20 $14,630,544.88 $1,033,865.86 $2,035,555.03
Horse racing purse account 7 $850,803.77 $3,535,233.32 $631,498.89 $3,103,448.92 $219,304.88 $431,784.40
Local impact grants 5.5 $668,488.68 $2,777,683.33 $496,177.70 $2,438,424.15 $172,310.98 $339,259.18
Race tracks facility
renewal account
2.5 $303,858.49 $1,262,583.32 $225,535.32 $1,108,374.61 $78,323.17 $154,208.71
Maryland Lottery 2 $243,086.80 $1,010,066.65 $180,428.26 $886,699.67 $62,658.54 $123,366.98
Small, minority, and
women-owned business
1.5 $182,315.09 $575,234.91 $135,321.19 $665,024.77 $46,993.90 $92,525.23

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SENATE BILL 892 Gaming – Video Lottery Terminals and Table Games as it Pertains to Slots at the Ocean Downs Casino


Her are a few excerpts from Senate Bill 892 as Sponsored by: 

Senator Douglas J. J. Peters, District 23
Senator Richard F. Colburn, District 37
Senator Nancy J. King, District 39
Senator Richard S. Madaleno, Jr., District 18
Senator Roger P. Manno, District 19
Senator Nathaniel J. McFadden, District 45
Senator James N. Robey, District 13 


repealing certain prohibitions against a  video lottery operation licensee providing food or alcoholic beverages to  individuals at no cost;  repealing a certain  prohibition against a holder of a video lottery operation license or any other  person with a certain interest in the Ocean Downs racetrack or video lottery facility from building or operating certain structures within a certain location or offer to patrons of the video lottery facility the playing of live music or certain other live entertainment under certain conditions;  authorizing the holder of a video lottery operation license to offer table games in the State

For the complete Bill  Text  from the first reading ~go to  Crossfiled with: HOUSE BILL 1265

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